5 Surefire Steps for Quitting Smoking!

The harmful effects of smoking are well established now. Most smokers today know that it is harmful to them and slowly dragging them towards illness and to some extent death. The continuous efforts of health organizations have been successful in enlightening people about the harmful effects of smoking. But due to several reasons not many of them are able to quit smoking.

Advances in technology like electronic cigarette have emerged as a viable alternative for those who do not want to give up smoking. These cigarettes save you from harmful effects of ordinary cigarette smoke. But people are reluctant to give up smoking ordinary cigarettes due to some reasons. Here is a list of things that you can do to quit smoking and to ensure a healthy future.

Make up your mind

The first and most important step of quitting smoking is your willingness to do it. Most people start half hearted efforts to quit the habit and the result is failure. Unless you are confident that you want to quit, you cannot succeed. Read about the harmful effects of smoking and note down what impact it can have on your health and your family. It is all about realization of truth. Cigarette smoke has harmful effects on the nervous and respirators system of your kids. So the best thing is to write down the possible effects of smoking on your life. This will keep on reminding you that you should quit.

Prepare an action plan

Most people think that it is tough to quit smoking instantly and think of reducing it gradually. But in most cases they resort to full blown smoking again. If you still want to go by the strategy then make sure that you stick to the plan. Reduce a cigarette per week from the number of cigarettes you smoke daily and within a month or two your body will get accustomed to reduced intake of nicotine.

Keep yourself busy

The more free time you have the greater you will feel like smoking. It is therefore recommended to keep yourself busy with some work. Even if you are at home, you can keep yourself busy with kids and pets. It will help curbing the craving for cigarette.

It is also essential to keep away from your peer group while they are smoking. In initial days of your quitting regime you may feel tempted by people smoking around you. So, it is avoid their company for few days especially when they are smoking. The best way is to persuade them all to quit smoking with you. A collective effort will encourage all of your team members to keep away from smoke.

Coping up with withdrawal symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms depend from person to person. The side effects of leaving cigarettes instantly may range from nausea to headaches to sleeplessness to loss of appetite. The symptoms are due to body’s regular requirement of nicotine. You can use E Cigarette for compensating the daily requirement of nicotine in body without affecting your lungs and other body parts with the harmful smoke of a regular cigarette.

You can take over the counter drugs to cope up with other symptoms if you want to quit it altogether. The symptoms will go within a week or two. It is not as hard as you think it is.

Keeping away once you have quitted

Many people who have successfully quitted cigarettes start smoking again due to several reasons. But in most cases they start with just one cigarette hoping that it would do no harm if one can smoke a cigarette only. But in most cases they resort to full blown smoking and to quit again they have to take same steps.

So for best results keep away from cigarette once you have gotten rid of the habit. Smoking kills and it has been proved by many researches. So now is the best time to quit cigarette and give a safe future to your family.

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